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Synthetic Biology

The X-Ray and Neutron Science Section  comprises one of the fundamental units of the UCPH initiative for focus on synthetic biology. The project was initiated with support from UNIK.

Synthetic biology is about understanding how biological systems are organised and thereby gaining insight into how to build similar systems by combining functional biological molecules into new groups. The aim of the research is to develop and produce artificial biological systems with new tailored characteristics, allowing the production of e.g. personalised medicine and sustainable energy.

The research focus on synthetic biology with a starting point in membrane bound proteins that make up the basic processes of life.

Specific projects include.

  • Combined SAXS and SANS experiments on nano-discs and other lipid/protein assemblies.
  • X-ray and Neutron reflection experiments
  • Theory and Model based scattering theory.
  • Structure / function relationship of membrane proteins
  • Methods for making pure nano-disc systems
  • Thermal behavior : DSC and ITC studies

For further information:                                                                                        Contact Kell Mortensen and Lise Arleth                           Link: Synthetic biology at Unicersity of Copenhagen