Theses – University of Copenhagen

PhD Theses

"Spin-fluctuation mediated superconductivity and magnetic order in the cuprate La1.88Sr0.12CuO4"
Astrid Tranum Rømer, September 2015
Supervisors; Brian Møller Andersen, Henrik M. Rønnow and Kim Lefmann

 "Synthesis and characterization of a bionanocomposite for cancer treatment"
Murillo Longo Martins, December 2014
Supervisors: Heloisa N. Bordallo, NBI and Margarida J. Saeki, UNESP, Botucatu

 "New techniques for neutron scattering"
Jonas Okkels Birk,
December 2014
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann, NBI and co-supervisor Henrik Rønnow EPFL

"Exploration of the challenges of neutron optics and instrumentation at long pulsed spallation sources"
Kaspar H. Klenø, January 2014
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann, NBI and Ken H. Andersen, ESS

"Spin structures in antiferromagnetic nanoparticles"
Erik Brok (enrolled at DTU-Physics), December 2013
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann, NBI and Cathrine Frandsen, DTU

"Experiments versus simulations: modelling of instrumentation for X-ray scattering experiments"
Jana Baltser
, May 2013
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann, NBI and Robert Feidenhans'l, NBI

"Super-oxygenated LaSrCuO4+y - virtual and physical experiments"
Linda Udby,
September 2009
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann, NBI - Per Hedegård, NBI and Niels Hessel Andersen, DTU

Master Theses

"Boleite - A Quantum Spin Droplet"
Erik Dreier Christensen,
April 2016
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann, NBI and Tom Fennell, External collaborator

"Structural investigation of La(2-x)Sr(x)CuO(4+y) - Following staging as a function of temperature"
Pia Jensen Ray, November 2015
Supervisors: Linda Udby and Kim Lefmann, NBI

"Neutron guide shielding for the BIFROST spectrometer at ESS"
Konstantins Mantulnikovs,
August 2015
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann, NBI and Esben Bryndt Klinkby, DTU NUTECH and Carsten P. Cooper-Jensen, ESS

"Low dimensional magnetism in molecular magnets & Magnetic properties of Tb1-xHoxMnO3"
Ursula Bengaard Hansen, May 2015
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann and Linda Udby, NBI and Henrik Rønnow, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

 "Simulation and prototype tests of the MultiFLEXX"
Mathias Kure,
December 2014
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann, NBI and Rasmus Toft Petersen

 "Magnetic properties of nano-scale hematite: theory, experiments and simulations"
Henrik Jacobsen (4+4
 student),  August 2014
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann

 "Magnon-phonon coupling in multiferroic h-YMnO3"
Turi Kirstine Schäffer,
August 2014
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann

 "Crystal growth of La2xSrxCuO4 and spin fluctuations in superoxygenated La2CuO4+y"
Henriette Wase Hansen,
June 2014
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann, NBI and Linda Udby, NBI

 "Effects of hydroxyapatite and calcium phosphate on the properties and microstructure of glass-ionomer cements"
Solveig Hedal,
May 2014
Supervisors: Heloisa N. Bordallo and Ana R. Benetti, SUND

 "Remanent Magnetisation in Hemo-Imenite"
Morten Sales (4+4 student),
May 2014
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann

 "Optimizing neutron guides using the minimalist principle and guide_bot"
Mads Bertelsen,
February 2014
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann, NBI

"Heimdal: A Powerful Instrument for Novel Material Science"

Sonja Lindahl Holm, 2013

Supervisor: Kim Lefman

"Understanding Proton Dynamics in Cement Pastes"
Johan Jacobsen, September 2013

Supervisors: Heloisa N. Bordallo, NBI - Ana R. Benetti, SUND and Markus Strobl, ESS

 "Competing Superconducting and Magnetic Order Parameteres and Field Induced Magnetism in Ba(Fe0.95Co0.05)2As2"
Gitte Stieper,
November 2012
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann

 "Interrelations between String Theory and neutron scattering on 1D ferromagnets"
Lea Hildebrandt Rossander,
March 2012
Supervisors: Charlotte Fløe Kristjansen and Kim Lefmann, NBI

 "Numerical studies on the Heisenberg Antiferromagnet on a Square Lattice"
Torsten Tranum Rømer,
July 2010
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann, NBI

 "Investigation of Quantum Phase Transitions in Ising-like Systems, by Torque Magnetometry and Neutron Scattering"
Sara Eisenhardt, May 2010
Supervisor; Kim Lefmann, NBI

 "Critical dynamics of CoO nanoparticles"
Elisabeth Ulrikkeholm, May 2010
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann

 "Investigation of the unusual magnetic properties of hemo-ilmenite by neutron scattering"
Erik Brok, December 2009
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann, NBI and co-supervisor Luise Theil Kuhn, DTU

"Magnetic correlations in the high-temperature superconductor La1.88Sr0.12CuO4"
Astrid Tranum Rømer, August 2009

Supervisors: Kim Lefmann and Brian Møller Andersen, NBI

 "Kritiske faseovergange i Co0 nanopartikler studeret med neutronspreding"
Jonas Okkels Birk, August 2009
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann

"Quantum phase transition of the near-Ising antiferromagnet CoCl2-2D2O"

Jacob Larsen, August 2009

Supervisor: Kim Lefmann, NBI

"Numerical Simulations of Magnetic Dynamics in Nanoparticles"
Jakob Garde, March 2008

Supervisor: Kim Lefmann, NBI

"McStas simulations for ISIS TS2 instruments"
Kaspar H. Klenø, November 2008

Supervisor: Kim Lefmann and co-supervisor Robert Feidenhans'l, NBI

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Bachelor Theses

"Helium ray-tracing - simulating the neutral helium atom microscope NEMI using McStas"
Anders Komár Ravn, June 2015
Supervisors; Kim Lefmann, NBI and Bodil Holst, University of Bergen and Erik B. Knudsen, DTU Physics

"Characterisation of x=0.06 and x=0.07 doped La2-XSrXCuO4"
Anne Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Kira Eliasen
, June 2015
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann and Henrik Jacobsen, NBI 

"Localization of hepatitis B vaccine in SBA-15: A new method of delivery"
Martin Kjærgaard Rasmussen, June 2015
Supervisor: Heloisa Bordallo, NBI

 "Growth of CoCl2.2D2O"
Christopher Røhl
Andersen, January 2015
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann, NBI and co-supervisor Maria Retuerto, NBI

 "Magnetic Phase Transitions in CoC12*2D2O"
Ida Viola Andersen and Lise Ørduk Hoffmann,
January 2015
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann, NBI and co-supervisor Ursula B. Hansen, NBI

 "Simulation of X-ray Scattering from Air"
Malte Bødkergaard Nielsen,
January 2015
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann, NBI and co-supervisor Erik Knudsen

 "Direkte måling af magnetokalorisk effekt med differential scanning calorimeter"
Daniel Kongshavn,
July 2014

Supervisor: Kim Lefmann, DTU and Christian Bahl, DTU

 "Magnetic properties of the natural mineral Boleite"
Kenneth Lønbæk,
July 2014
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann and Sonja L. Holm, NBI

 "Growth and characterization of LSCO crystals"
Mette Grønborg,
June 2014
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann and Henrik Jacobsen, NBI

 "Characterization of a new bio-nanocomposite (bio-NP) for diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer using neutron powder diffraction and scanning transmission X-Ray Microspectroscopy (STXM)"
Rosanna Ignazzi
, June 2014
Supervisor: Heloisa N. Bordallo, NBI

 "Multiple scattering of neutrons in vanadium"
Oliver Boda,
May 2014
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann and co-supervisor Mads Bertelsen

"Data analysis at the CAMEA project"
Allan Hansen,
February 2014
Supervisors: Jonas O. Birk and Kim Lefmann, NBI

"Spin waves and Quantum Phase transition in the near 1D Ising system

Sigrid Adsersen and Ane Baden, December 2013

Supervisors: Ursula B. Hansen and Kim Lefman, NBI

 "Magnetism in 4 nm hematite particles"
Daniel Sandermann,
June 2013
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann, NBI and Cathrine Frandsen, DTU

 "Phonon-Magnon coupling in YMnO3 crystal"
Anders Bakke,
June 2013
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann and co-supervisor Sonja Lindahl Holm, NBI

 "Interaction of catalytic nanoparticles of CGO/Ni with... in a solid oxide fuel cell" Casper Madsen and Mike Lauge, June 2013 Supervisors; Kim Lefmann, NBI and co-supervisor Luise Theil Kuhn, DTU

 "Investigation of field-induced de-twinning in the orthorhombic phases of a high-temperature superconductor"
Jacob Obitsø Jensen,
June 2013
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann and co-supervisor Linda Udby, NBI 

"Investigation of dental cements by means of X-ray and neutron imaging, Benedict Lehnhof, February 2013

Supervisors: Heloisa N. Bordallo - NBI, Ana R. Benetti - SUND and Markus Strobl, ESS

 "X-ray and Neutron Tomography of the Allende Meteorite"
Sandra S. Duchnik, Mika Lanzky and Louise S. Schmidt,
June 2012
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann, NBI

 "Pressure tuning of magnetic couplingsin the frustrated diamond chain compound azurite"
Beil, January 2012
Supervisors; Kim Lefmann and co-supervisor Andrea Prodi, NBI

 "Determination of stress in Ti-NiV supermirrors
Ursula B. Hansen and Marius F.
Simonsen, August 2011
Supervisors: Kim Lefmann, NBI and Thierry Bigault

 "Spin dynamics of hematite"
Jacobsen, May 2011
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann, NBI

 "Investigation of neutron moderators with spherical voids"
Pia Jensen and Mads Bertelsen,
February 2011
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann, NBI

 "Magnetic Properties of CoCl2.2H2O"
Turi Kirstine Schäffer and Simon Loftager,
June 2010
Supervisor: Kim Lefmann, NBI and Johan Vibenholt