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Dynamics studies by Neutron Scattering

The X-Ray and Neutron Science focus on understanding the dynamical properties of H-bonds in a variety of important materials.

Specific projects include:

  • Dynamics of water confined in concrete and clays
  • Dynamics of local anesthetics and cancer drugs that are encapsulated in various drugs delivery systems.
  • Time-resolved neutron spectroscopy and imaging to follow the hydration process and development of the porous structure of dental cements.
  • Polymorphism in molecular drugs using spectroscopy with DFT calculations.

Looking at our most recent publications it is possible to get a best flavor of our work:

M.L. Martins, R. Ignazzi, J. Eckert, B. Watts,R. Kaneno, W.F. Zambuzzi,L. Daemen, M.J. Saeki and H.N. Bordallo (2016) Restricted mobility of specific functional groups reduces anti-cancer drug activity in healthy cells Sci. Rep. 6, 22478 (9 pages).

A.R. Benetti, J. Jacobsen, B. Lehnhoff, N.C.R. Momsen, D.V. Okhrimenko, M.T.F. Telling, N.Kardjilov, M. Strobl, T. Seydel, I. Manke and H.N. Bordallo (2015) How mobile are protons in the structure of dental glass ionomer cements? Sci. Rep. 5, 8972 (8 pages).

J.Fischer, N. Tsapatsaris, E de Paula and H.N. Bordallo (2014) Looking at hydrogen motions in confinement - The uniqueness of Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering. Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics, 223, 1831-1847.

M.L. Martins, W.P. Gates, L. Michot, E. Ferrage, V. Marry and H.N. Bordallo (2014) Neutron Scattering, a powerful tool to study clay minerals. Applied Clays Science, 96, 22-35.

N. Tsapatsaris, B.A. Kolesov, J. Fischer, E.V. Boldyreva, L. Daemen, J. Eckert, and H.N. Bordallo (2014) Polymorphism of Paracetamol: A new understanding of molecular flexibility through local methyl dynamics. Molecular Pharmaceutics 11, 1032-1041.

J. Jacobsen, M.S. Rodrigues, M.T.F. Telling, A.L.Beraldo, S.F. Santos, L.P. Aldridge and H.N. Bordallo (2013) Nano-scale hydrogen-bond network improves the durability of greener cements. Sci. Rep. 3, 2667 (6 pages).

Further contact: Associate Professor Heloisa Nunes Bordallo, bordallo@nbi.ku.dk